Volunteer Registration is Now Open 2023

Volunteer registrations

Volunteer registrations for the 2023 Emirates Dubai 7s are now open, please register your interest for the available roles below:


  • Liaise with the ‘Team of Three’ Match Officials assigned to your pitch to ensure the tournament runs to schedule.
  • Check teams onto the field by their individual accreditation badges supported by online team lists using the iPad if necessary.
  • Co-ordinate team timings in and out of the warm-up areas on the respective pitch space between the dead ball line and the enclosure perimeter fences.
  • Confirm teams are available at the ground 20 minutes before their scheduled match kick off time.
  • Conduct the coin toss with both Team Managers and/or Captains present at half time of the match immediately prior to their scheduled match kick off time.
  • Support the Assistant Referees where necessary to ensure the touch lines are kept clear and the teams remain in their respective technical areas.
  • Photograph both sides of the signed match scorecard using the iPad and write down the match scores and details of any Yellow/Red cards issued on the preformatted sheet after the match is completed then immediately return the scorecard to the match referee.
  • Maintain radio communications with Pitch Management staff when needed or for support/queries.
  • Ensure Tournament balls and touch flags are available.
  • Return the Pitch Box with stationery, tournament balls, touch flags and radio(s) with batteries and iPad to the Registration Tent at the end of each day.
  • Ensure bottled water is always available pitch side, and
  • Watch that the Pitch Enclosure is regularly cleaned. If not, advise Angus Kennedy or another Pitch Manager.

Time Commitment Expectations:

Volunteers should be prepared to cover a minimum 2 to 3 x 1 hour shifts each day for three days

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  • The Tunnel Managers’ role is to have every WRSS team at the entrance of Pitch 1 or 2 tunnel NOT LATER THAN two (2) minutes prior to their scheduled kick off time. The teams run on to the pitch one (1) minute prior to the scheduled kick off time having stood in the tunnel for one (1) minute prior to run-on.
  • The actual teams running onto the field is controlled by the television floor manager who will liaise with their Outside Broadcast Director and ensure they meet the scheduled coverage times. The Floor Manager in tandem with David Harper and/or Natalie Peirson is in overall control of timings so keep in close contact with David or Natalie (as appropriate).
  • For the WRSS Men’s teams, it takes one (1) minute to move a team from their changing room and into position at the Pitch 1 tunnel. The WRSS Women’s teams, changing rooms in the Players’ Clubhouse Building are further away and require not less than three (3) minutes to walk to the Pitch 1 or 2 players’ tunnel. If a team walks directly from their warmup on Pitch 3 to the Pitch 1 tunnel, you should allow 5 minutes to walk there. These times have been accounted for in the run-on sheets. Ensure all teams leave their changing rooms at the scheduled walk time and are not still getting ready!
  • Each team has a Liaison Officer (LO) who will assist in getting the teams to the right place at the right time. A list of Liaison Officers phone numbers is included in Tournament contact sheet. The teams know all about the schedule and are used to running everything down to the last second so don’t be surprised if they are still warming up with just a few minutes to go.
    All times are based on the team(s) leaving the changing room – not the kick-off time. On the schedule you will see that there are 5-minute and 1-minute calls that you will give to the teams, worked backwards from the ‘leaving the changing room’ times. For each of these either speak directly to the manager or LO.

Time Commitment Requirements:

Volunteers will be expected to work a minimum of 2 x 2 hour shifts each day for 3 days.

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  • Role. The On-Field Spotter’s’ role is to provide near real-time on field reporting for the WRSS (Men & Women’s) outside broadcast statisticians ‘Ignite’ who are in the commentary area in the upper level of the Main Grandstand overlooking Pitch 1. You will use a hand-held radio to provide the ‘Ignite’ staff with accurate details of all match replacements (substitution or medical replacement), cards (Yellow and Red), and match scores.
  • Location. The substitution and replacement spotter will be co-located with the World Rugby Technical Zone (TZ) management staff just inside the gates that lead directly onto Pitch 1 or 2. The two (2) on – field spotters providing match scores will be positioned at either end of Pitch 1 or 2 immediately behind the goal posts adjacent to the advertising ‘Toblerones’ just outside the in-goal area.
  • If spotting substitutions or replacements, you will first speak only with the TZ Manager who deals directly with the two playing Team Managers and the on field WR Match Officials. They coordinate the correct timing and paperwork to support the substitution and medical replacement(s) of players on/off the field of play and then once confirmed by the TZ Manager, you will report this via radio direct to Ignite.
  • If you are spotting match scores, you will report directly to Ignite via radio only.
  • When to Call. The Spotter must only report a substitution or replacement(s) once it has been confirmed by the TZ Manager. Match scores (tries, conversions, penalty, and field goals) must only be reported once the match referee has signalled the score with his whistle and vertical hand signal.

Time Commitment Requirements:

Volunteers will be expected to work a minimum of 2 x 2 hour shifts each day for 3 days.

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  • The Scoreboard Operator’s role is to operate the digital scoreboard from the upstairs booth located above the Players’ entrance to Pitch 2 that displays the two (2) teams currently on field, the match scores as they are awarded by the on-field Referee and counts down the match time left to be played in response to the on-field referee’s signals for “time on” and “time off”.
  • The digital scoreboard countdown clock will automatically reset to seven (7) minutes at half and full time. At both half and full time of the match being played, the scoreboard operator must activate the siren to alert the on-field Referee.
  • Note. The on-field Referee is the sole judge of remaining match play time, and the Scoreboard siren is merely an aid to assist the Referee’s awareness.
  • The Scoreboard operators are not to change the on-screen scores unless they are certain the on-field Referee has signalled that either a try, conversion, penalty, or field goal has been awarded using their whistle and appropriate hand/arm signal. If unsure, immediately check with either the Assistant Referees and/or Pitch Manager before changing the score.
  • The contracted digital scoreboard service provider will deliver a short period of hands-on training to the first rostered scoreboard operators at the Pitch 2 Scoreboard operators booth from 8AM on Thursday 1st Dec 22 for Dubai WRSS including how to load and project sponsors’ graphics for the various Invitation Tournaments throughout the Dubai WRSS weekend.

Time Commitment Requirements:

Volunteers will be expected to work a minimum of 2 x 2 hour shifts each day for 3 days.

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World Rugby seeks a number of volunteer Chaperones to assist in the delivery of its Anti-Doping Programme at the upcoming 2023 Emirates Dubai 7s.

Role of Chaperone
The role of the Chaperone is very important in the Doping Control process. It involves the notification of a player chosen for a drug test, an explanation of their rights and responsibilities with regards to the testing process, and then continuous observation of the Player until they are under the custody of a Doping Control Officer. The chaperoning of a Player reduces the opportunity for the commission of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation and makes sure the Player arrives at the Doping Control Station within the required time period.

Chaperones observe the Player selected for Doping Control during the match, and then notify the Player of their selection for testing immediately after the match is completed. The role of the Chaperone may also extend to the testing of Players outside of a match situation, i.e. at a training location or team hotel.

Players have 60 minutes from notification to report to the Doping Control Station. The Player may undertake various activities such as a warm down, receive medical attention, attend a press conference, change out of their playing kit, or attend a team meeting before they are required to report to the Doping Control Station. All post-match activities must be conducted within the full view of the Chaperone at all times.

On arrival at the Doping Control Station, the Chaperone may be required to stay with the Player until the Player is ready to provide a sample. However, the Doping Control Officer is responsible for witnessing the provision of the Player’s sample and completing the appropriate documentation.


  • Must be fluent in English
  • Applications welcome from males and females who must be over the age of 21
  • Must be available on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December from 3pm until approximately 11.30pm – breaks for all chaperones will be scheduled.
  • Must participate in the World Rugby Chaperone training on 2nd December on arrival
  • Must have good communication skills and the ability to work under pressure
  • Must have good observation skills
  • Must show good attention to detail in their work
  • Must be discreet and able to deal carefully with confidential information

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  • Agree with the other Pitch Managers on duty the areas of responsibility to be covered by each person.
  • Provide support, help and advice to the Pitch Marshals as required.
  • Maintain radio communications with Pitch Marshals and other Pitch Management staff as required for support/queries.
  • Monitor the progress of games on the pitches within their agreed area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient radio batteries, device chargers, match balls etc. at each pitch.
  • Assist Medical / Security staff with casualty handling and medical access to the pitch in the event of a serious injury to a player(s).
  • Carry any of the Pitch Marshals duties as required

Time Commitment Requirements:

Volunteers should be prepared to cover a minimum 2 to 3 x 1 hour shifts each day for three days

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